Burke Trieschmann:  (composer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist)

has been providing quality soundtracks for the audio and video game industry for many years. His production company, “Open Door Productions” offers complete sound design and audio production packages for video games, film, video, and other interactive media. Services include music composition, scoring to picture, sound design and effects, character voices, and dialog recording / editing services. Open Door Productions also offers comprehensive recording and music production packages for recording artists and other commercial media that require high quality music, audio production, and sound design.

After spending many years in the music industry as a recording engineer, producer and performing artist, he has taken this skill set and experience into the world of interactive music and video game soundtracks.

Recent projects:

ToeJam and Earl- “Back in the Groove”, Rosetta Stone® Kids Lingo Word Builder, Doki Doki Universe, Farmville II, Choo-Choo Soul: Disney Favorites, Fishville, Pictionary HD uDraw, Disney Princess: Enchanting Story books, Eddy’s Number Party! HD (Winner of the Parents Choice® Silver Medal and the PTPA Media Seal of Approval),

Kung Fu Panda World, How To Train Your Dragon, Pictionary, Disney Channel All Star Party, Tomb Raider Underworld, The Simpson’s Movie, High School Musical III, Tony Hawk’s DownHill Jam, Shrek Super Slam, Madagascar, Lord of the Rings (Return of the King), ToeJam & Earl III, Tiger Woods Golf, and many others.  (see the  “Credits” page for legacy games and projects archive).

With over twenty five years of experience providing music and sound to the audio and video game industry, Open Door Productions can deliver quality soundtracks on time and on budget. Years of success as an independent production company are a testament to our satisfied clients.


Playlists, demos, and remix tracks from Various Games: Doki Doki Universe, Pictionary, How to Train Your Dragon, Pandemonium, Dr. Who, Kung Fu Panda World and More.


phone:  510-409-8126

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Audio Producer, Musician, Composer & Harmonica Tech.