This is an archive of legacy Game Soundtracks and other commercial recordings that I have engineered, performed on, composed or spent time and energy (projects 2009 and earlier).

Tomb Raider UnderworldPS III, ALLCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive2009
Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, DSPage 44 StudiosDisney2009
Burning RealmsFacebook, FlashZynga GamesZynga Games2009
High School Musical IIINintendo Wii Page 44 StudiosDisney2008
The Simpson’s MovieFeature FilmSkywalker Sound20th Century Fox2008
Nijna ReflexNitendo Wii Sanzaru GamesElectronic Arts2008
Choo Choo Soul Disney Playhouse, Broadcast Video, DVD, CD audio.DisneyDisney Playhouse2006-current
What’s Your Type? Nintendo DSHuman Nature Studios Konami2007
Can you Feel the Love Tonight? Audio CD Release, (compilation) Genevieve Goings, Produced by Burke T.Disney2007
Bone Monkey vs. Dinosaurs PC, Online Kaibridge Inc.Kaibridge Games2007
Killer Robot Aliens & Zombies (KRAZE) Nintendo Wii Sanzaru Games Sanzaru Games2007 unreleased
Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam Nintendo WiiToys for BobActivision2006
Shrek Super SlamPS2, Xbox, PCShaba GamesActivision2005
MadagascarPS2, Xbox, PCToys for Bob Activision2005
SnowblindPS2, Xbox, PCCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive2004
The Sims/ URBZPS2, Xbox, PC,Maxis Electronic Arts2003
WhiplashPS2, Xbox, PC,Crystal Dynamics Eidos Interactive2003
Lord of the Rings/ “Return of the King”PS2, Xbox, GBA, GamecubeElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts2003
Disney’s Extreme Skate AdventurePS2, Xbox, GBA, Gamecube, PCToys for BobActivision2003
ToeJam & Earl III (Mission to Earth)XboxSega/ToeJam & EarlVisual Concepts2002
Tiger Woods Golf- PGA Tour 2003PS2, PC, GameCubeElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts2002
James Bond: “Agent Under fire" I & II PS2, PC, GameCubeElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts2001-2002
Tiger Woods Golf- PGA Tour 2002PS2, PCElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts2001
James Bond: “The World is not enough”Playstation, PCElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts2000
102 DalmatiansPlaystation, PCCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive2000
Disney- World Quest Magical Racing TourPlaystation, Dreamcast, GBoyCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive2000
Knockout Kings 2000PlaystationElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts2000
Gex IIIPlaystationCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive2000
Army Men Air AttackPlaystationThe 3DO CompanyThe 3DO Company1999
Body GamesPC/ CDElectric PlanetElectric Planet1999
Little Witching MischiefsPlaystationCrystal DynamicsBandai1999
High Heat Baseball "2000"PCThe 3DO CompanyThe 3DO Company1999
Requiem: Avenging AngelPCThe 3DO CompanyThe 3DO Company1999
Uprising XPlaystation/ PCCyclone StudiosThe 3DO Company1998
The Unholy WarPlaystationCrystal DynamicsEidos Interactive1998
High Heat Baseball "1999"PCThe 3DO CompanyThe 3DO Company1998
Pandemonium IIPlaystation, WindowsCrystal DynamicsVirgin Interactive1997
Uprising (original) PCCyclone StudiosUbisoft Entertainment1997
Pandemonium IPlaystaion, WindowsCrystal DynamicsCrystal Dynamics1996
Orly’s Draw a StoryWindows, MACToeJam & EarlBroderbund Software1996
Captain Quazar3DO Game SystemCyclone StudiosThe 3DO Company1996
Phantom 2040SNES, Sega GenesisViacom InternationalViacom International1995
Total Eclipse (Turbo)PlaystationCrystal DynamicsBMG1995
The Adventures of Batman and RobinSEGA CDSEGA of AmericaSEGA1995
Battlesport3DO, PlaystationCyclone Studios/ 3DOAcclaim1995, 1997 (re released)
Slam and Jam ‘95 3DOCrystal DynamicsBMG1995, 1997 (re released)
Offworld Interceptor Offworld Interceptor ExtremeSega Saturn, PlaystationCrystal DynamicsBMG1993, 1995 (Extreme)
WaterworldSega SaturnOcean Of AmericaSEGA1994
Solar EclipseSega Saturn, PlaystationCrystal DynamicsSEGA1994
THE HORDE3DO, PC CD, Sega SaturnCrystal DynamicsBMG1994
Star Control II3DOCrystal DynamicsThe 3DO Company1993
Total Eclipse3DOCrystal DynamicsThe 3DO Company1993
Offworld Interceptor3DOCrystal DynamicsThe 3DO Company1993
Crash and Burn3DOCrystal DynamicsCrystal Dynamics1992
Your BandMACRed Dot InteractiveRed Dot Interactive1991

Music Recording/ Engineering/ Mixer/ Producer Credits:

Partial List
Choo Choo Soul: Featuring Genevieve. Audio Producer, Composer, Instruments, Recording and Mix engineer.

Shiela E. (Sex Cymbal). Recording engineer.

Dr. Loco’s Rockin’ Jalapeno Band (Moviemeinto Music) Recording, Mix, and Mastering engineer.

En Vogue: (Simply Mad About the Mouse) Someday My Prince Will Come. Recording and Mix engineer

Terra Sul – Kindness of Strangers CD. Recording engineer.

Disney Music Block Party. (Can You Feel the Love tonight- Featuring Genevieve Goings). Co Producer, Instruments, Recording and Mix engineer.

Thomas McElroy (Free to Be). Recording engineer.

Endangered Species: (Unnatural Habitat, featuring Danny “DJ D” Aguilar). Recording and Mix engineer.

Bernie Krause & Human Remains – (Gorillas In The Mix). Recording engineer.

Della Grant: (Arrival). Recording and Mix engineer.

To Be Continued: (Free to Be). Recording engineer.

Barry Cleveland: (Voluntary Dreaming). Recording engineer.

Andy Narell: (The Hammer) Recording engineer.

Mal Sharpe: (Big Money, Man On the Street). Recording and Mix engineer. Commercial VO Spot Editing.

49’rs Rap: (We are the Niners): Recording, Mix, Editing. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtvxPezTY6U)

Laurence Rosenthal: (Various Soundtracks for Film and TV). Recording engineer.

2 Bigg MC – (He’s King Of The Hype!). Recording and Mix engineer.

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