Marine Band candy backs teeth Custom Harmonicas and Repairs -By Harp Tech Burke T.

News and updates about our custom harmonicas and repair services.   (New 2017 Newsletter- click here to subscribe)

Custom Diatonic Harmonicas- models and information (Click Here)

Joe Spiers Harmonica Repair information (click here)

 Lucky 13,  Brendan Power “Power” Combs, customization and repair Information (click here)

Other Harmonica Repairs- information (click here)

Harmonicas for Sale Page {Click Here}.  (Please contact for available pre builds in stock or in inventory awaiting customization).

I am currently finishing a limited run of New Custom Marine Band Classics and Deluxes, as well as 364 and 365 models.  Please inquire if you are interested in pre ordering or need a specific, key/ model.

I will be posting updates and pictures as these come online.

Harmonica Links and resources.

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Here are some pictures of our custom and specialty harmonicas:

For more information or questions email:





  1. Great harp work! Great fast responce and advice! Very much enthusiasm for doing a great custom job and wants very much to please the purchaser! Thank you Burke! Glenn Miller – The Big One Man Band!

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