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We offer custom and optimized harmonicas for the following manufacturer’s models:

HOHNER:  All Marine Band Models (1896 Classic, Deluxe, Crossover, Special 20, 364 and 365’s), Rocket, Thunderbird, Golden Melody, All MS Models, XB 40’s.

SUZUKI:  Manji, Promaster, Olive, and many other models.   Also Special Custom modifications to 30 reed Sub 30 Harmonicas.

SEYDEL:  All 1847 Models.  Please ask about other supported Seydel harmonicas.

LEE OSKAR:  Optimization only.  Please inquire.

(See our “Harmonicas for Sale” page for pricing of custom harmonicas and pre builds in stock).  For pricing, ordering,  and more information please contact:


Marine Band G 3 Marine Band G 2 Marine Band G 1 Marine Band A 5  Marine Band A 3 Marine Band A 2  shadow harp man Randy Singer's Harps 2 Randy Singer's Harps Back posts MBD D comb w posts 3 MBD D comb w fx 2 posts  MBD D bottom MBD D top w FX MBD D front MBD sideMS key F Blue

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