NEW: Custom Power Benders for Suzuki Promaster and other models

IMG_4325 PBender Angle 1 PBender Angle 2

These are some pictures of a recently completed custom set of Suzuki Promasters (Keys of A, C, and G) converted to “Power Bender” tuning.

Using reed swaps and replacements of the welded reeds as needed, these are fully customized and tuned to a sweet intonation to smooth out the chords.

Available in Suzuki Manji, and Hohner Marine Band Models as well.

D Promaster PBender 9b D Promaster PBender 7 D Promaster PBender 10

The model pictured below features a Black Aluminum Comb, and the added Paddy Richter note tuned up on the 3 Blow/  (“Power Paddy Bender”)

tuning requested by the player).

For more information on current pricing and availability please send an email message to

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