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rsleigh_logoRichard Sleigh’s Hot Rod Harmonicas & Harmonica Mastery Tools.

Custom harmonicas, Professional quality harmonica mastery tools for tuning and adjusting reeds.  Harmonica instruction and more.  “Hot rod your Harmonicas and breath music through them.”

David Barret’s Blues Harmonica.com

With over 3,000 lesson videos, lesson plans for all skill level players, downloadable mp3’s and pdf’s, along with forum experts and contributors, BluesHarmonica.com is THE place to learn blues harmonica!

Winslow Yerxa -Author | Musician | Harmonica Expert

Performer, Recording Artist, Instructor, author of the Harmonica for Dummies, and Blues Harmonica for dummies.  ” Winslow Yerxa is known worldwide both as an accomplished, original harmonica player and for his deep harmonica knowledge and clarity in speaking and writing about it.”

jonharlJon Harl- Custom Seydels 

Jon Harl is a passionate harmonica player as well as a harmonica customizer and repair tech.  I have had the good fortune to work with Jon on several projects and repairs.  An authorized Seydel dealer.  Contact:  jonharl@mac.com

Blue Moon Harmonicas

Custom Harmonica Combs for All Hohner, Seydel and Suzuki Diatonic Harmonicas, 3D Designed and CNC Milled from the Finest Material.  http://www.bluemoonharmonicas.com

Joe Spires- bannerJoe Spiers Custom Harps

Joe Spiers is a Hohner-certified craftsman of exceptional quality diatonic harmonicas, specializing in high-performance Marine Band, Golden Melody and Special 20 models.

Jon Kip- Chromatic Harmonica Owner

Jon’s amazing harmonica site is full of sage wisdom, insights, wit, humor, playing, personal history, and maintenance tips.  Jon plays Hohner 270 Deluxe’s (amazingly well with the musical mind of a pro session woodwind player).  We have had some inspiring sessions together harp-smashing and trading ideas on how to wake up an unresponsive chromatic.   Check out his site.  You won’t be disappointed.  http://jonkip.com/

Rockin’ Rons Music

Great prices on harps! San Diego based, RockinRonsMusicsd offers excellent customer service, competitive prices, fast shipping, and a huge selection of harmonicas from most manufacturers models.



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